SKJU Project

SKJU is a laboratory bringing together four musicians, composers and researchers with a common purpose defined by specific projects. It consists of S(imone Conforti), K(eitaro Takahashi), J(IP), U(MS), basically working on electronics, voice, and recorders. SKJU designs a new listening and music exploration experience by extending the traditional audience and stage setting exhibiting music itself.

SKJU rethinks and reshapes the music experience and exploration for both musicians and the audience: for a long time in human history, music has been exclusively related to a specific place where people have been performing live. Since the possibility to record and broadcast music, especially since the appearance of digital media, this has deeply changed. For this, extending the possibilities to access music and sound is an important issue: both by composing and performing differently, as well as by considering space and time differently.

SKJU can look back on many independent and common research as well as artistic projects: Recorder Map and Recorderology (recorder playing techniques mapping, web app programming, financed by the Maja Sacher Foundation), PRIME Research (Paetzold Recorder Investigation for Music with Electronics, HEMU Lausanne), Japan & Italy Project 2012- (commissioning both Japanese and Italian composers new pieces), common keynotes and publications at the International Computer Music Conference in Utrecht 2016, at the Web Audio Conference in Atlanta 2016, Musikakademie Basel 2014, Elektronisches Studio Basel 2015, festival appearancies at ICMC Athens 2014, Forum Wallis 2013/2016/2018, Archipel Geneva 2017, specific and experimental recordings documenting the repertoire of UMS ‘n JIP, pluriannual work and research at highly specialized enterprises such as (hi-end loudpeaker systems) and (algorythmic composition).

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